From Script to Screen

Great stories are all around us. Great stories transcend time, geography and medium…. to be told and retold. At The Adaptation Company, we bring you stories from around the world, in different forms, under one roof.
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Film Remake

Some movies are so great that they have to be made twice… or many times. In different languages; by different film makers. We bring you those movies.

Book Adaptation

Books are a treasure trove of stories. As you read, you can visualise a film with all its twists and turns – characters start emoting, pages transform into scenes and words into dialogue.

Digital Publishing

Some individuals take destiny in their hands, and make a positive difference to their situation as well as to the people around them. We want to tell their stories to the world.

The Adaptation Company

The Adaptation Company is the destination for great stories.  We have a vast and diverse bank of stories from international films, books in English and Indian regional languages and TV formats.  We also develop stories from news reports and magazine articles for films (fiction or documentary) or for publishing targeted to the international market.  

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