Book Adaptation

I've made seventeen or eighteen films now, only two of which have been original screenplays, all the others have been based on short stories or novels, and I find the long short story ideal for adaptation.

~ Satyajit Ray
I believe that if I love a book, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t make a good film. Similarly, it’s also possible to make a great movie out of a terrible book. But I’m convinced that it’s the book that should form the basis for the film, even if it goes astray. In general, that’s a much better basis than an original fifteen page scenario.

~ Michel Audiard, 1983
Books are a treasure trove of stories.  As you read, you can visualise a film with all its twists and turns – characters start emoting, pages transform into scenes and words into dialogue.  Some books contain lots of information and detail about the subject and its surroundings; character development is extensive and intricate.  All this presents you with a large story world from which to craft the film or a TV series.  Whether you are looking to make a film or a TV series, there is a book out there for you.   We can help you search and acquire the film remake rights to the book, do the legal documentation.
Book to film adaptation also requires changes in the story telling approach – book is a one to one medium, while film is a one to millions medium.  If you have a book – whether you are an author or a book rights owner – we can help you adapt the book into a film or TV script.  We work with a range of international and domestic experts, well versed in the art of adaptation, and get you the right adapted script.

If you have a great book for adaptation or you are looking for one, then do get in touch with us here.

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Seven Days for an Eternity

Marc Levy’s book to be made into a film by Ashutosh Gowarikar.


They’ve tried to destroy each other for centuries, but they’ve failed… So God and the Devil plan a contest to finally decide who will rule eternity: each will send their top candidate to earth. The champions will have seven days to draw mankind towards good or evil, respectively.